Topographical Land Surveys


A measured land survey using total station and GPS is an excellent starting block for your development. Instructing a land surveyor at the beginning of the planning stage will help save time and money for the duration of your project. I specialise in producing accurate topographical land surveys at a scale and level of detail to meet our client’s needs. I also have a varied range of clients and i frequently travel throughout East Anglia and the UK to undertake my work.


• Proposed housing development site survey; from individual plots to large scale projects
• Engineering design; from road and drainage planning,
• As built measured surveys of existing developments
• Historical and listed building records
• Land Registry Plan submission and conveyance
• Plans for landscape architects and designers
• Accurate referenced maps for tree arboricultural surveys compliant with BS 5837:Trees in relation to construction


A typical site survey plan would include the following detail:
kerblines, levels on top of kerb, centre line of road levels, drainage, services, street furniture.
Fences, trees, spot levels, change of surfaces, footpaths along with existing building lines and all boundary features.

From a measured land survey an accurate site area can be calculated. This is often used to determine the purchase price and scale of development permitted. Surrounding road information collected will allow site lines and visibility splays to be produced to satisfy the Highways Agency requirements.

My surveys include detailed level information. This used as the basis for determining the floor slab levels, ridge. eaves and DPC’s, maximum height of proposed buildings, road alignment and landscaping features of the build.

We collect drainage information allowing planners to connect to the local foul and storm water sewage network and position buildings accordingly. Using Anglian Water records as a reference, I measure the position and invert levels of inspection chambers.

On completion of development the land survey plan can be updated with new buildings, roads, drainage and new boundary features. This data can then be submitted to the Land Registry for title deeds, to local utilities for sewer adoption and as verification to your client of the standard of workmanship built onsite.


Surveys can be orientated to national or global coordinate systems or to established local coordinates. All my surveys are measured using the latest Leica Geosystems total stations, GPS systems and levels. Surveys are initially processed in my specialist surveying software package – LSS VISTA.
Layered drawings are then produced in AutoCAD, available in 2D or 3D DWG or DXF model and paper space.
Drawings can be issued as pdf,film/paper copies, or digital CD/DVD or by email as required.